R. Madhavan's Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is now out in cinemas and marks his directorial debut, which also has him portraying Nambi Narayanan, a former scientist and Aerospace Engineer of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The pan-Indian biopic also starring Simran as the female lead, included a cameo appearance by leading Tamil actor Suriya for the Tamil version of the film, while Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan appeared in the same for the Hindi edition. With Madhavan being showered with praises for his powerful acting once again, the actor-filmmaker sat down for an Instagram live chat session with Suriya where the two discussed their films over the years. 

During the Instagram live chat session, Madhavan surprised fans by revealing that he had initially received Suriya's role in the 2005 box office blockbuster Ghajini. Madhavan said, "I was offered a film called Ghajini. I rejected the film as I didn't like the story and I told director A. R. Murugadoss sir that the second half of the film didn't connect with me. That story eventually came to you and I was very happy after watching you. I had seen you earlier in Kaakha Kaakha and I was happy because I felt the role in Ghajini had gone to the right person, which you as well proved. The success of Ghajini is a huge thing. I watched the hard work you had put in for your role in the film and for achieving your six-pack abs. At the time, it made me wonder whether I can do this since you were working that hard. I remember quite well that you had not consumed any salt for nearly a week for your physique and it created a disinterest in my work. I started questioning myself about the kind of work I was doing and I would look at you and it hit me how much effort and hard work you were putting in for your role. And, I really felt that I was not doing enough justice to my career and my movies. Only after that, I began applying the advice that I had given you in my life. I used you as an example. And then, of course, after Ghajini, your career was historical for everyone to see. Next, since I do not have many friends in the film industry, I learned what good friends are after spending time with you and Jyothika. To be there, without any conditions is something true friends do. Such friendship is quite difficult to attain in the industry, especially now at this age. But, whenever I need something, you are there and I cannot replicate that."

Watch Madhavan and Suriya's interaction in the video below: