Leading Tamil actor R. Madhavan's Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is gearing up for a worldwide theatrical release on July 1 after it was recently screened at the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival last month as part of the Indian delegation to a rousing response. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had shortlisted six films and one among them was Madhavan's directorial debut, which has been produced by Tricolour Films Production and is presenting the venture with Varghese Moolan Pictures and 27th Entertainment banners. Rocketry also features Simran as the female lead, followed by Rajit Kapur, Ravi Raghavendra, Meesha Ghoshal, Karthik Kumar, Gulshan Grover, Dinesh Prabhakar, Mohan Raman, Ron Donachie among others forming the ensemble cast, with Suriya playing a guest role in the Tamil version, while Shah Rukh Khan will appear in the Hindi edition. 

With Rocketry gearing up for a release in theatres in the days ahead, the makers on Friday released a nearly 4-minute making video that has Madhavan explaining how he arrived at the decision to make the film. A biopic of Nambi Narayanan, a former scientist and Aerospace Engineer of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Madhavan shared interesting behind-the-scenes details and delved into the writing, and production, including his discussions with the scientist, while creative producer Prakash Nambiar, and producers Vijay Moolan and Varghese Moolan too share their experiences about the making of Rocketry: The Nambi Effect

Speaking about Rocketry, Madhavan stated, "It was a baffling story. After seven months of rigorous research and writing, I eventually went back to Nambi sir for his approval of the script, which was part of the contract. He was very excited that I had gotten all the details right. But, during the course of the conversation, he said, 'No, this point is not entirely correct because to prove the Stability Theorem, I had actually been to Princeton University, and that's where I learned this.' So, I said, 'Wait a minute, what do you mean Princeton?' He said, 'I studied Stability Theorem there and I was the first Ivy League scientist to go from India to the US and join the Ivy League.' This information did not exist either on Wikipedia or on YouTube. He just sparingly mentioned it somewhere during some conversations. But, I didn't realize the importance of it till he started talking to me. And, I realized his relationship with one of our foremost scientists from India Dr. Abdul Kalam, who became the President of our country, and his friendship with him and Vikram Sarabhai, from France to Scotland to Russia to Pakistan, the journey just unfolded and I could see my script being torn to shreds over and over again. I remember just finishing that conversation, going into my laptop and deleting the entire script because I never wanted to go back to it as there was so much injustice there as a story to tell and it took me another one and a half years to put the whole script together about this really incredible man, his unbelievable and fantastic journey, about Padma Bhushan Nambi Narayanan." 

Watch Madhavan's Making of Rocketry | Part 1 - Prologue below: