Silambarasan TR's Maanaadu has turned out to be a box office blockbuster, with fans and critics hailing the film for its tightly-packaged and racy screenplay from director Venkat Prabhu, fiery performances and other technical aspects like the power-packed musical score from Yuvan Shankar Raja, high-end cinematography by Richard M. Nathan and deft editing by Praveen K. L. The mass masala political entertainer is incidentally Praveen K. L.'s 100th venture and praises have been pouring in for the National Award-winning editor, who recently sat down for an interview with Galatta to speak about the process of how Maanaadu became the celebration it is now. 

During the interview, Praveen K. L. was also asked about the possibility of Maanaadu 2, with the reputed editor giving a nod that Venkat Prabhu already has a script for the project, including speaking about the tease of the sequel towards the end of Maanaadu. Praveen K. L. said, "It remains to be seen how many people have watched Maanaadu since we included a small lead for the sequel towards the end credits. Many people seemed to have missed it. In fact, I was just thinking about tweeting about it. We wanted to keep it there as a tease. After this big of a success, it's not like we won't do Maanaadu 2. There is a timeline for how and when it will happen and the project setup are factors to be taken into consideration. So, VP already has a script for Maanaadu 2. The question is when has Venkat Prabhu had a script? He has a line about it." 

This latest statement from Praveen K. L. regarding the probability for Maanaadu 2 will no doubt leave fans mighty happy, but also raise the talk and the buzz for the sequel, with all hopes now for it to be greenlit in the future. It will be interesting to see how Venkat Prabhu sets the ground for Maanaadu 2 and how it will carry forward from the events of the original. Maanaadu has been an all-round success and has been powered exceptionally by Simbu and S. J. Suryah's fiery performances, who are involved in a high-stakes cat and mouse game that keeps moviegoers hooked to the edge of their seats. 

Watch Praveen K. L. speak about Maanaadu 2 and more in the video below: