Comedian Kim Congdon, whose credits include Impractical Jokers, Stoned Science, Broad Topics on YouTube as well as her This Bitch podcast and appearances on big-name podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience and Kill Tony, was opening for Joey Diaz at Sony Hall in New York when a horrific incident took place. She took to her official Twitter handle to tell the story. 

She started, “If u saw me kick a guys ass after the show last night, I am sorry. He sexually assaulted me after my set (and bragged about it on his way out), ruining an otherwise perfect night for me. I am only tweeting this as a warning.I will be carrying from now on. Next guy dies.” “I had left my phone on a tripod near the sound booth and went to get it. The guy must have been walking back from the bathroom or something", she continued. 

She then wrote, “I can’t believe I have to say this but I would not tweet or make a fuss about someone grazing me by accident. I’m not out to get or accuse anyone. This man poked me in my vagina twice essentially trying to “finger me” through leggings when I walked by him." She added, "It happened the second I got off stage at a sold out theatre and in SECONDS he was gone in the dark crowd. By the time they found him the show was almost over and he didn’t care he was being kicked out cause he said “at least I got to touch Kim’s p*ssy”.

The comedian said that she was already walking the other way when it happened, and when she turned around he literally pretended like he was blind. She said she lost track of the man in the darkness, but venue officials tracked him down. After being ID'd, he was asked to leave. But he did not care because she said he at least got to touch Kim's p*ssy as he was being kicked out. 

These are just the latest in a spate of attacks on comedians as they perform, beginning with Will Smith slapping the sonic coins out of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, then Dave Chappelle being physically assaulted at the Hollywood Bowl, T.I. storming the stage in Atlanta and grabbing the mic away from a comedian poking fun at him and stand-up comic Sampson McCormick being slugged by an audience member during his show at the Win-River Resort & Casino in Redding, California.