Prashanth Neel's KGF: Chapter 2 continues to gather members of the audience by captivating them with a strong screenplay, powerful performance, fantastic direction, and the eye-catching mass of Rocky Bhai. This blockbuster masterpiece has also been breaking records with each passing day all the while creating new ones along the way. The film is a visual treat to all movie lovers irrespective of one's age, sex, race, caste, etc. as it is the kind of movie that is made so that it can resonate with anyone and everyone. 

Though the film is exceptionally well-received, the film's Tamil version has been facing a small snag. A large number of people, although enjoy the film, have found it to be very loud. Complains regarding this have been pouring in as it makes for a very uncomfortable movie-watching experience that cannot be looked over during its runtime of 2 hours and 48 minutes. 

Initially, the film content was released with a 5.1 mix which started raising many concerns about it being way too loud in the cinema hall. But this has now been replaced with a better sound mix. Therefore, it has been decided that further shows of the movie will be tweaked and will play with this brand new remastered audio mix in all movie theatres starting today onwards. 

KGF: Chapter 2 has created many records since its release. It is by far the most expensive Kannada movie ever to e made. It also received the biggest launch during its release. It became the first Kannada movie to be released in Imax Format. Finally, it is the first-ever Kannada movie to shatter box office records in the Hindi market which beat every other Bollywood film that has been released this year. 

The film got a nationwide release on April 14. Helmed by Prashanth Neel, KGF 2 stars Rocking Star Yash as the renowned Rocky Bhai, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, Srinidhi Shetty as well as Prakash Raj. KGF: Chapter 2 follows Rocky, who has now established himself as the kingpin of the Kolar Gold Fields. He must now retain his supremacy over adversaries and government officials, while also having to come to terms with his past.