An actress who became an instant sensation across Tamil Nadu was Nikki Tamboli after she starred as one among the three leading ladies in last year's blockbuster, Muni 4: Kanchana 3. The addition of Nikki in the horror franchise did wonders to the film as her presence not only elevated the sequences, but also made fans take note of her glamour quotient. The model-turned-actress, who has also been seen in the Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu Telugu remake, Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu including Thippara Meesam, enjoys a massive following among the youth. 

Having said that, there have been reports of late stating that Nikki Tamboli is a probable contestant in the upcoming fourteenth edition of the smash hit reality TV show, Bigg Boss. The show, which has seen various iterations in other regional languages, has enjoyed thirteen successful seasons so far in Hindi, with host Salman Khan set to return for the eleventh time. According to latest reports, Nikki will soon be quarantined before she enters the Bigg Boss house as other Bigg Boss 14 contestants too in the coming days will enter self-quarantine. All these contestants will be staying at different locations so that they don't get to know about who is participating on the show. 

Nikki Tamboli's latest Story on her Instagram page has raised expectations among fans on her Bigg Boss entry where she is seen seated on the makeup chair, with her assistants covered in PPE kits working on her look which reportedly is for her intro shoot for the show. In the video posted on her Instagram Story feature, the Kanchana 3 actress has mentioned the location to be the Film City Studio in Mumbai. The popular studio is the home to the Bigg Boss house set soundstage where the upcoming fourteenth season is set to be held. With Bigg Boss 14 scheduled to premiere in less than two weeks on October 3, we can expect an official announcement on the contestants participating on the show in the days ahead. 

As of now, the hype for the show is at an all-time high and is only scaling upwards with the passage of each day. Pictures of the Bigg Boss 14 house were recently leaked on social media and piqued the interests of fans everywhere, who got their first glimpse at the interior sets where the contestants will be spending their time for the next few months.