The Huma Qureshi and Siddharth starring web-series Leila's trailer was just dropped on the internet and will be streaming on Netflix, from June 14. The trailer is extremely frightening and we could get a glimpse of a dystopian society, which it displays. It seems like the story is set in the future where purity is law in a technologically advanced time period. Siddharth is also seen as a cop in the trailer.

From the likes of it, Huma Qureshi plays the role of Shalini and has a small family that includes a husband and a daughter named Leila, who is likely to get abducted. It could also be inferred that Huma goes in search of her.

It is also shown in a few shots of the trailer that a couple of children are using some technological thing with high excitement. Additionally, it hints that Huma Qureshi has married someone out of the Hindu community. She is also seen promising to help a poor girl if she helps her in finding her daughter, Leila.

In the trailer, we could also witness a group of people from the ruins of a rural area struggling to escape from a chaotic situation. The scene shows policemen in one shot and some rogues in another. There is also a voice-over mentioning that the Government takes away the babies with mixed blood and makes us ponder what mixed blood means. The trailer also hints about a project named Balee that seeds major curiosity in us.

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