K.T. Kunjumon is back

The renowned film producer who has the distinction of introducing director Shankar and making some of the most flamboyant films of Kollywood is back from his hiatus and very soon, he will produce a film with Malayalam actress Meera Nandhan in the lead.

K.T. Kunjumon's films were so grand that the name Kunjumon became synonymous with grandeur. Some of his works were Suriyan, Gentleman, Ratchagan, Kadhalan and Kadhal Desam.

Though all these films did well and are still capable of giving tough competition to modern films if re-released, Kadhal Desam, in particular, stands out because of its grandeur. The sophisticated Chennai portrayed in the film with aesthetically-built civic amenities like parks, comfortable bus stands, cool newspaper and telephone kiosks and incredibly beautiful buildings made everyone long for the same. Grandeur and extravaganza were his buzzwords. Be it blowing up trucks or brand new cars for his film’s stunts or breathtaking representation of a dream world, Kunjumon never hesitated to go the extra mile to make his films grander and richer. A Kunjumon film meant a spectacular show! But unfortunately, this magnificent filmmaker went into hibernation.

But this relentless showman could not keep himself away from the world films, which is as dear to him as life.

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