Bigg Boss Ultimate, the brand new exclusive OTT version of Bigg Boss Tamil is all set to kickstart from this Sunday, January 30 and it is expected to be a solid source of entertainment for the Tamil audience. Bigg Boss Ultimate will feature the contestants of previous seasons taking part, fighting for the title for the second time. The usual practice of Bigg Boss is to introduce the contestants on the inaugural episode. However, with Bigg Boss Ultimate, the makers have opted for a different plan where the housemates are introduced to the audiences much before the beginning of the show.

As a start, Snehan was officially confirmed to be a part of Bigg Boss Ultimate and his participation was announced yesterday. Today (January 25), the next contestant of Bigg Boss Ultimate is officially announced and the reveal has turned out to be a pleasant surprise for many. Maria Juliana, more popularly known as Julie, is the second confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss OTT and it is going to be interesting to see her back in the game. Julie was one of the most controversial contestants in the history of Bigg Boss and the fans will now get to see her once more. Will Julie approach the game differently this time?. Well, let us keep our fingers crossed and wait.

Bigg Boss Ultimate will be a 24/7 live show that will be available to stream at any given time of the day, unlike the usual Bigg Boss which is edited for a one hour slot. Also, Bigg Boss Ultimate will be available to stream only on the Disney Hotstar platform and not on Vijay TV. Going forward, one contestant will be revealed each day until Sunday. Both Snehan and Julie have been picked from the first season and participants from other seasons will also be a part. For now, check out the latest promo confirming the participation of Julie in Bigg Boss Ultimate here: