Bigg Boss season might not be a show that is filled with surprises but the entertainment factor is constantly at its peak and that’s what the buzz is all for. The show is coming to its flag end and we can see previous editions contestants getting back into the show for a day or two. And today’s entrant is none other Janani Iyer who made a big impact in last year’s Bigg Boss show. Six contestants are currently in the hunt and one of them is likely to get eliminated this weekend. October 6th is the last day of this year’s Bigg Boss show and the final week will be fought by 4 contestants. So, 2 contestants will be shown the door before that. Meanwhile, check out this latest promo: 
Bigg Boss <a href=Tamil Season 3" src=" (3).jpg" title="Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3" />Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3