National Award-winning Tamil actor-filmmaker Parthiban's Iravin Nizhal released in theatres last Friday and opened to largely positive feedback from fans and critics alike. Billed to be the world's first non-linear single-shot feature, the film also stars Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Robo Shankar, Sai Priyanka Ruth, and Brigida Saga among others in pivotal roles. With Iravin Nizhal now out in cinemas, actress Brigida Saga recently interacted with media persons outside a theatre in Chennai regarding the use of abusive language in the film, which did not sit well with many and has since spurred a controversy. 

Known best among fans for playing the role of Pavi teacher in the hit web series Aaha Kalyanam, Pavi had stated about Iravin Nizhal, saying, "People in slum regions usually speak in such language. We can't change that because we are portraying it in the film. It is well-known how they speak in slums." With Brigida’s comments receiving a big backlash on social media, the young actress issued an apology and tweeted, "My hearty sorry for telling those words. I just tried to convey that as the location changes, the language also changes in Iravin Nizhal film. I took the wrong example and I’m feeling so bad for saying that. #AcceptMyApologies. Just a normal girl who’s trying to achieve in film."

Responding to the controversy, Iravin Nizhal's director and lead star Parthiban quote-tweeted and said, "I would also like to apologize on behalf of Brigida to those affected. The film's story happens in 1989. In 2022, the developments we see in people from the slums are a result of struggle and education. Most of the leads in my films are people from such a backdrop." Below is the tweet: 

Iravin Nizhal marks the first-time collaboration between Parthiban and Academy Award-winning composer A. R. Rahman and the music is yet another major highlight in the film, which also includes cinematography by Arthur A Wilson, and production design by Vijay Murugan. 

Brigida சார்பாக நானும் மன்னிப்பு கேட்டுக் கொள்கிறேன் மனக்காயம் அடைந்தவர்களிடம்.1989-ல் நடக்கும் கதையிது.2022-ல் சேரி மக்களிடம் உள்ள மாற்றம்,கடுமையான போராட்டத்தில் அவர்கள் பெற்ற கல்வியினால்.என் படங்கள் பெரும்பாலும் சேரி மக்களை hero ஆக்குவதே!

Radhakrishnan Parthiban (@rparthiepan) July 17, 2022