The fifth season of Bigg Boss Tamil has crossed 70 days and the final leg of the show is all set to begin soon. In this week's eviction process, 7 contestants were nominated and it includes Imman Annachi, Abhinay, Niroop, Akshara, Ciby, Amir Master, and Thamarai Selvi. Among the nominated contestants, Ciby was saved in last night's (December 11) episode, leaving the rest of the six in the danger zone. Having said that, it has now been confirmed that Imman Annachi has been evicted with the least number of votes and his eviction has raised a mixed response from the audience.

The majority had expected Abhinay to be evicted and the unofficial polls were also suggestive of that but it looks like the votes that were registered officially had other results. Imman Annachi managed to entertain the audience with his calm and light-hearted behaviour inside the house. At the same time, some of his actions and thoughts were also criticised by the public. Considering his age, it is indeed great that Imman Annachi managed to travel 70 days in Bigg Boss and he will now be out of the show, to experience the new phase of his life. The shoot for both the weekend episodes happened yesterday and as a result of which the eviction results have been known.

Imman's eviction will definitely make Raju highly emotional as the duo shared a close rapport inside the house and it looks like the audience will witness an emotionally charged episode tonight. Imman Annachi will now join the list of evicted contestants of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil that includes Nadia Chang, Abishek Raaja, Chinna Ponnu, Suruthi, Mathumitha, Isaivani, and Iykki Berry.

Annachi's eviction will now leave 11 contestants inside the house - 7 male participants - Abhinay, Ciby, Niroop, Raju, Varun, Sanjiv, and Amir, and 4 female contestants - Priyanka, Akshara, Pavni, and Thamarai Selvi. With just 35 more days for the show to reach its end, we can expect several exciting twists and turns in the coming days. Stay tuned to this space for more updates.