There were rumors going about earlier that the highly anticipated fifth Indiana Jones movie would be Harrison Ford’s last film before he hangs his cape as an actor. Well, we got some news - that is simply not true. Not only is that untrue, but Ford is also getting on the bandwagon to join one of the biggest franchises running in all of modern Hollywood: the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). While this will be Ford’s first foray into the MCU, the actor is no stranger to franchise filmmaking, leading both Star Wars and Indiana Jones films for decades.

It has now been confirmed that Ford will play General Thaddeus Ross in the MCU. Ford will first assume the role in Captain America: New World Order, starring the Falcon and the Winter Solder played by Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan respectively who will be reprising their longtime Marvel characters. The film will be directed by Julius Onah, who has also co-written the script with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier showrunner Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musso. This fourth installment of Captain America is scheduled to hit the theatre on 3 May 2024.

Ford has completed shooting for finished Indiana Jones 5, in which he will reprise his role as the intrepid archeologist, and is awaiting its release due 30 June 2023. Han Solo/Indiana Jones/Jack Ryan/Rick Deckard has also got some other shows in his pipeline like the new Yellowstone series, 1923, and Apple TV+’s upcoming Shrinking. He would also play Ross in Thunderbolts, the film about the titular team of supervillains, which is set to be directed by Jake Schreier and released on 26 July 2024. Ford is all set to dominate the big screens with the two franchise films and is also set to dominate the small screens with his pivot to television.