Game of Thrones featured several houses, or families, which included massive amounts of characters for audiences to follow and keep track of. At certain points, the ensemble cast can be a little confusing, especially regarding the history that is only discussed throughout the show. 

Therefore, in order to prevent such confusion, prior to the show's release, creator and executive producer George R.R. Martin sets up the Game of Thrones prequel through a video, sharing key details on major Houses and relationships featured in the series, alongside illustrations from Fire & Blood artist Doug Wheatley. House of the Dragon will boast a cast of similar size, even if the series is mainly contained to three primary houses - the Targaryens, the Valaryons, and the Hightowers. 

While we know there is everything there is to know about the Targaryens and that we do not know being covered in House of the Dragon, Martin starts off by talking about the Hightowers. He says they are the oldest family in Westeros that has been there for thousands of years. Their seat of power is Old Town, the biggest city in Westeros. He also reveals that the Hightowers were a very rich house. The Velaryons, on the other hand, has been said to play a significant role in House of the Dragon. Martin says the Velaryons and Targaryens have a close relationship and will be prominently featured in the upcoming series. 

With mere days to go before HBO's House of the Dragon is released, the makers of the show have been doing everything they can to hype it up which they have been highly successful with. With each new glimpse, BTS footage, trailer, teaser, poster, etc. that comes out, fans of the upcoming show as well as those of its successor show Game of Thrones have been loving these. 

House of the Dragon is all set to premiere on Disney+ Hotstar from 22 August 2022 onwards. 

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