Social media has the power to trend any topic and we have seen lots of instances in the previous occasions. The latest topic on social media which has caught the attention of the entire Nation is 'Pray for Nesamani'. Yes, the iconic character played by Vaigaipuyal Vadivelu in Vijay - Suriya starrer Friends, directed by Siddique.

The comedy sequences in Friends is an all time blockbuster that are enjoyed by fans and the audience whenever it is played on the television. Hashtags like Nesamani and Pray For Nesamani has been trending on social media nationwide. While the youngsters and even Kollywood celebrities enjoying this trend, it looks like it has pissed dance choreographer, actress and politician Gayathri Raghuram. Yes, the former Bigg Boss contestant took to her Twitter space to vent out her feelings.

She said that it looks dumb and meaningless to celebrate this and that the world wouldn't have a good opinion about our state. She tweeted, "I feel Bad People have lost it now a days. Have gone mad. epic comedy scene to become a silly joke, meme and hashtag unnecessary. #PrayforNeasamani all these unwanted trending. We r going to look like fools Either for our nakkal or vettiness. If u think ur doing this against Modi ji. It’s dumb idea.

It’s just putting us down and behave like idiots. People all over the world will think we have no brains. First of all most of this scene fans dint get the joke and why is this going around. So stupid. I feel sorry for fake poralies. U can behave like fools but not everyone in TN r fools." Looks like Gayathri Raghuram's perspective towards this topic is different from others.