Emancipation is an upcoming American historical action thriller film based on a true story written by William N. Collage and directed by Antoine Fuqua. Produced under the banners of Apple Studios, Overbrook Entertainment, Westbrook Studios, McFarland Entertainment, and Escape Artists, the film stars Will Smith in the leading role. This is his first release ever since his infamous slapgate controvery in which he slapped the sonic coins out of Chris Rock during this years Oscar ceremony.

The makers of the film recently dropped the film's official teaser and it is jaw dropping. The 1 minute and 57 seconds clips follows Peter (Will Smith) as he embarks on a dangerous path to freedom. The trailer opens with the sight of blood falling onto leaves. “I heard it myself: ‘The slaves are free,'” Peter says. “Says who?” he’s asked. “Lincoln,” replies Peter.

Peter says, “We must get to Lincoln’s army. Five days through the swamp.” When he’s told, “There are many ways to die in a swamp,” his response is as predictable as it is chilling: “There are many ways to die here.” It may be easy to lose one’s way in the swamp, but Peter has a plan: “Follow the sound of Lincoln’s cannons.” The hurdles Peter faces and the difficulty he has to go through both physically, mentally and emotionally takes the center stage in this teaser. 

In a change of course, Apple TV+ has announced a theatrical release date of December 2nd and a streaming debut on December 9th, 2022, after previously pushing the film back to 2023 following Smith’s onstage slap of Chris Rock at the Oscars. When he first signed on to Emancipation, Smith may have hoped to win an Oscar for the role, though that may be difficult now that he’s been banned from attending the ceremony for 10 years. In an apology video, he said, “I am trying not think of myself as a piece of s**t.” 

Emancipation had its first screening in Washington D.C. on 1 October 2022. It is scheduled for a limited time theatrical on 2 December 2022 before releasing on Apple TV+ on December 9.

Check out the teaser here: