Dhanush will be seen playing a pivotal role in the upcoming Hollywood film, The Gray Man which is slated for its release on Netflix on July 22. The film is already out in select theatres and will have its digital release, coming Friday. The film has got huge expectations among the film buffs and Dhanush will be sharing screen space with some of the leading names in Hollywood including the likes of Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling. All eyes are now on Dhanush's character and performance in thfilmm and an exciting treat awaits fans. Ahead of the film's release, the makers have now revealed Dhanush's character details and the development has garnered the attention of the film buffs.

Dhanush will be playing the character of Avik Sans who is an assassin assigned to kill Sierra Six. The character description of Avik San, as stated in the press release reads, "He's a killing machine, unstoppable but not unprincipled. He accepts the assignment to terminate Sierra Six but those who hired him forgot to tell him to leave his code of honor at the door".

Talking about the role in the press statement, Dhanush said, "It's always fun to play a baddie but there's a lot of gray to this character. The brothers gave me a beautiful backstory for Avik San. He comes from a very poor background and he's worked his way up to being the best of the best at what he does. He's an assassin and a brutal murderer but he has his own ethics and he doesn't like to kill unnecessarily. At his core, he's a man of honor". It looks like Dhanush had a memorable experience playing Avik San in The Gray Man and we will get to witness his action-packed performance in just three more days.

The Gray Man is directed by The Russo Brothers.

Dhanush’s character description in #TheGrayMan press kit hints at a larger scope of his legacy - one I’d love to see explored further in a prequel. This film hints a larger universe I hope we’ll be able to see, especially when it comes to Avik San. pic.twitter.com/CSWzo07Dwq

— Courtney Howard (@Lulamaybelle) July 18, 2022