Chiyaan Vikram's Cobra is all set for its grand theatrical release tomorrow and we are just a few hours away from witnessing this epic action entertainer on the big screens. Ahead of the film's release, Chiyaan Vikram and the core team of Cobra interacted with the fans through a Twitter spaces session that happened this evening (August 30). During the interaction, Chiyaan Vikram spoke highly of Thalapathy Vijay and a recording of the same has turned viral among the fans. When Vikram was asked about the favourite aspect that he likes in Thalapathy Vijay, the star actor mentioned that he has always enjoyed Vijay's humour.

He was also all praise for Vijay's dedication as an actor and dancer. Talking about it, he said, "His sense of humour. I have always loved it. In any kind of situation, he'd be silent for sometime and on a very casual note, he will leave a funny counter, making the moment lighter. Also, as a professional, he is a great actor and artist. I am totally fascinated by his dancing skills. He is someone who doesn't rehearse for dance. We all, actors, mostly rehearse for songs and would then go for the shot, but I have been told that he sits and sees the moves after which he'd directly perform it in the shot. He is so special. I have always wondered on how he could do this with such ease".

Chiyaan Vikram and Thalapathy Vijay have always shared a beautiful friendship and have been spotted together in many events in the past. These heartfelt words coming from Chiyaan about Vijay is indeed a reflection of their friendship. Cobra is Vikram's first release after the Covid 19 scene and the film has got high expectations among the fans. Cobra will feature Vikram in multiple makeovers and an exciting treat indeed awaits fans.