Chiyaan Vikram is easily one of the most loved actors in the Tamil film industry. The National Award-winning actor's popularity has no bounds and every little update about his upcoming films and even personal life gets his fans super excited. Today, he gave his fans a big surprise by making his debut on Twitter. Vikram marked the occasion by sharing a sweet video message that had left his fans amazed and wanting more. 

Vikram is seen being completely candid and very excited in the video as he is clearly having a lot of fun making it. He greets the world and introduces himself as Chiyaan Vikram and goes as far as assuring people that it is not a disguise but in fact its actually him. He points to his beard and says that the beard is not a part of the 'disguise' but is actually for Ranjith's movie for which he is getting ready. He also shares that he was convinced to join Twitter after having many people tell him that it is the best platform to convey anything to his fans and basically everyone in the most ideal way possible. He jokes about being 10 - 15 years late to the microblogging platform but thinks it is a good time as he has heard the platform is filled with immense support and love for him from his staunch fans. So, he decided to join Twitter in order to experience it all, he says. He ends the video by telling his fans all over the world how much he loves them and that he will see them later right back on the platform.

— Chiyaan Vikram (@chiyaan) August 12, 2022

Other than this, on the work front, Vikram has two big films awaiting release - Ajay Gnanamuthu's Cobra and Mani Ratnam's Ponniyin Selvan. While Vikram plays a brilliant mathematician in Cobra who goes to commit high-profile crimes, the actor plays the fierce Aditya Karikalan in Ponniyin Selvan. Cobra is slated to release on August 31 and Ponniyin Selvan will hit screens on September 30.