Unlike Karthik Subbaraj's previous outing with Jagame Thandhiram, which did not perform as well as expected, the release of his latest film Mahaan worked as a redemption. It garnered great attention given its great ensemble of star cast, extraordinary performance and visionary filmmaking. The film lived up to the massive hype that it received both from the media as well as the public. Starring Vikram and Dhruv Vikram in the lead along with Simran, and Bobby Simha and Sananth as supporting characters, the father-son duo take this riveting gangster saga knock it out of the park.

Along with its success, the fans have now received another visual treat in the form of some BTS (behind the scenes) footage. For the first time, we get a little peek of the making of Mahaan and it is a fun experience. It is like a fun little easter egg hunt that we get to participate in - finding something we have seen watching the movie and going like, "Oh yeah! This is that very same thing which came in that scene!" We get to see the process of the wonderful art direction of the film as they carry set props and other things for the shoot.

We also get the process that the makeup and hair department had gone through to style Chiyaan Vikram's Gandhi Mahaan, Dhruv Vikram's Dada, Bobby Simha's Sathyavan and Simran's Nachi. It also features the making of certain feats and Karthik Subbaraj in action as he directs people on what to do.

The film was written by Karthik Subbaraj as well, music composition by Santhosh Narayanan, with cinematography handled by Shreyaas Krishna and editing done by Vivek Harshan. The film was released and made available on 10 February 2022 on Amazon Prime Video. Mahaan follows the turbulent journey of a middle-aged simple man, who later becomes a pride billionaire, followed by unexpected haywire challenges that he starts to face soon after.

Check out the making of Mahaan here: