Singer Chinmayi has become a more popular face following the MeToo controversies after her allegations against influential personalities like Radha Ravi, Vairamuthu and many more. After the viral incident, Chinmayi has been voicing out for women who face harassment and other toxic happenings. And now, Chinmayi has brought another horrific incident to light. The post is about a girl who revealed her spine chilling harassment incident recently. Here is the post,

Sexual HarassmentSexual HarassmentSexual HarassmentSexual HarassmentSexual Harassment


This is about to be long, but please take time out your day to read this.💛 this took place September 14 2019. And From leaving my first 5 year relationship aft I planned my whole life w him because he strangled me til I couldn’t breathe while telling me he going to kill me, kicked me, threw me, punched me, dragged me by my hair, broke my belongings, bruised me so bad I could barely walk, being verbally abused like crazy, not being able to have friends... and being told it’s your fault why he did this... to thinking I can be loved again by somebody else, then being held hostage, everytime I got to the door he’d pull me back in... literally, phone being taken from you, not being able to leave bc you’re being forced down and held down, begging for them to stop after you’re already bleeding, can’t even open an eye how much blood is on my face, busted forehead, busted lip, broken toe, bruises, not being able to do ANYTHING at all... screaming for help begging for them to stop... being chased everytime I get the chance to escape... while they’re telling you they don’t give a fuck ab you or you bleeding or crying... and again being told it’s MY fault... how? But that does a lot to you. Idk where my head, heart, or soul are at bc I’m not ok. I’m lost fr, idk who I am anymore. And I don’t have to explain anything because I didn’t deserve any of this... And I’m not posting anything for attention. I’ll always b alright but being in a controlling, super jealous, and crazy relationship isn’t so fun... if u see any warning signs please b careful im here for any of you all.💛 It’s never going to stop. Your life is worth more. I swear it is.💛 THOSE TEARS THEY SHED DONT MEAN ANYTHING!!! They’ll do it again. And cry again. Don’t fall for it. Please do not go back no matter what they say to get you back. IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN. Please put yourself first💛 your life, your happiness and well being means a lot. And You all that know me know I’m be okay. 👌🏼 always. #domesticviolence #awareness #loveyourself #yourenotalone #follow #warningsigns Ask me for this link if need be. youre not alone, u can do this, to anybody going thru somethin simile pls love urself first.😓💛

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