28 year old Cherrie Lee who hails from South Korea has spent a whopping 48 lakh rupees on surgeries and went under the knife 15 times since she turned 20 to look like the American socialite, media personality, and businesswoman Kim Kardashian. She said that people find it hard to believe she is from South Korea. Lee added that some of her Korean family members do not even recognize her anymore.

Lee is a part-time English teacher who has idolised and worshipped the media personality for years. She said, “Kim has always been an inspiration to me and she is the most beautiful woman in the world, in my eyes”. This obsession with her has led to Lee spending lakhs and lakhs of money on surgeries to alter her face and body so she looked more like her idol. Apart from the 15 surgeries, she has also got three Brazilian butt lifts, two breast augmentations, a cheekbone surgery, and multiple facial surgeries. It has been reported that she has no regrets about her surgeries but later went on to add that, after all this, her only regret was that she did not undergo the surgeries earlier.

She first decided to change her look after a hard breakup in the early 2010s that lowered her self-confidence. Her ex-boyfriend reportedly wants to give their relationship another shot, but Lee said, “I am too good for him now and I’m getting a higher caliber of men approaching me. Everyone should have the right to modify their body. Do what you want, as long as you are not harming anyone". Lee says she was able to undergo the procedures due to her parents providing her with financial support. She said she was grateful that none of her procedures went wrong. She added that she was not planning on getting any more surgeries as she had achieved the look that she had always wanted.