Director H. Vinoth’s career started off on a highly positive note with the critically-acclaimed 2014 heist thriller, Sathuranga Vettai, following which he went on to establish himself as a powerful talent to reckon with in Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru, which had Karthi in the lead role. That said, it was him joining hands with ‘Thala’ Ajith for Nerkonda Paarvai that changed his life and fortunes overnight. With production for his upcoming film, Valimai, once again with Ajith expected to kick-off from December, there are massive expectations right from the moment the film was announced earlier this year. Meanwhile, reputed character role actor Bose Venkat, who is also set to debut as a director next with his Kanni Maadam, in an interview with Galatta went on to speak about his friendship with H. Vinoth.

Valimai Tamil movie Ajith and director H Vinoth Nerkonda Paarvaibose venkat about Valimai director H. Vinoth Thala Ajith Nerkonda Paarvai

Speaking about his association about H. Vinoth, Bose Venkat states, “I met him recently. He now has a fantastic new office with a lot of security personnel. I didn’t call him before I went in to see him since we’re buddies for a long time. Once I reached his office, I saw him sitting on the verandah with his assistants inside an AC room. As soon as I saw him, the first question I asked was, ‘Why are you sitting on the verandah?’. He replied saying, ‘I prefer this place a lot more. This is what I like,’. I didn’t meet to speak with him about his upcoming projects, but rather about my film. After we had gotten done talking, he himself accompanied me and opened my car door to get me seated before sending me off. The objective of this action from him was to convey the message that I will get my respect from those around him the next time I visit his office. H. Vinoth is a person who thinks in a deep manner, he's an affectionate human being and one who researches everything he does. All these qualities are visible in his scripts and he’s a very good friend who has a big bright future ahead. The H. Vinoth you are seeing is not the complete individual. You will be witnessing the real H. Vinoth only now. He’s an intellectual and a person who has the interests of society in his mind and heart,”.

Valimai Tamil movie Ajith and director H Vinoth Nerkonda Paarvai Valimai Tamil movie Ajith and director H Vinoth Nerkonda Paarvai 2

Check out Bose Venkat speak about director H. Vinoth and his own film, Kanni Maadam, in the video below: