The COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus outbreak has been ravaging across the world and it was declared a Pandemic in March. Almost all the countries had gone into lockdown mode and have slowly learning to function along with Corona. All major events including sporting, political and other such events, which have all either been postponed or cancelled to avoid large crowds from gathering. But things are slowly changing, football matches are now being conducted in Germany in closed doors. The small screen industry in Tamil Nadu has now acquired permission to start shooting with the minimum workforce. The Prime Minister of India is expected to address the people later in the day as the announced lockdown period ends today. 
 Bindu Madhavi's apartment blocked | Red Zone | COVID 19Bindu Madhavi's apartment blocked | Red Zone | COVID 19
Meanwhile, actress Bindu Madhavi’s apartment has now been isolated after one of her neighbours was tested positive for Corona. She took to her Instagram to share a video of apartment gate being sealed. “Yes, the corporation guys are here to block the entrance of my apartment because of the resident has been tested positive for COVID-19, so yeah it is going to be a tough 14 days for us.” Bindu Madhavi is known for her performances in films like Kazhugu and Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga earned popularity and fame through her participation in the first season of Bigg Boss.