The first promo for tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 3 is now out and shows host Kamal Haasan once again taking the stage to do a recap of the events that were witnessed this past week on the show. Kamal goes on to talk about the battles undertaken by the Bigg Boss housemates both physically and mentally. He adds saying a few contestants have also been through some turmoil emotionally by participating in the tasks that were allotted to them. Finally, Kamal reveals that he will be presenting a golden ticket for one participant and also show the exit door to another contestant, which is perhaps the big reveal in Bigg Boss 3 this week. Based on Kamal’s latest announcement, we can assume one of the contestants will probably be getting a direct entry to the finals or a benefit of any kind while the other housemate will be sent out of the Bigg Boss house either through the elimination or eviction process. 

Check out the new Bigg Boss 3 promo along with screenshots of the contestants below:

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