The entire nation is hooked to the smash hit reality TV show, which is currently being aired in its Hindi, Telugu and Tamil versions. Among them, the Hindi version began its fourteenth season, with host Salman Khan returning for the eleventh time. As Bigg Boss 14 continues to top the TRP ratings yet again, a shocking revelation was made during the show by contestant Eijaz Khan, who opened up to co-participant Sidharth Shukla about an incident involving his former girlfriend. 

During their candid conversation, Eijaz told Sidharth about the problems he had encountered after his relationship with his ex-girlfriend went awry and he refused to marry her. The Salman Khan hosted 'Weekend Ka Vaar' episode saw Eijaz reveal that the incident wrecked him emotionally from within after his ex-girlfriend leveled rape accusations against him after he said he wouldn't marry her. Although he wasn't aware of the consequences that would ensue then, he added that he managed the situation somehow and had to leave the premiere of the Kangana Ranaut-Madhavan starrer, Tanu Weds Manu, in which he had a starring role. Eijaz further revealed that due to the incident he had to move to Dharamsala for a while. 

Eijaz stated that he has trust issues with women due to his past experiences, but still continues to have deep admiration and respect for women. A prominent name among North Indian TV audiences, Eijaz had spoken about the same with an entertainment portal back in 2018. He stated, "Due to some reasons, she shifted to my apartment and we got into a relationship. But I realised after a few months that it was not what I wanted. I started telling her that it was not meant to be. But she got carried away and tried to file a police complaint against me because of which I could not attend the Tanu Weds Manu promotions. I had to leave Mumbai for a couple of days because of that." 

Soon after Eijaz's statement, his former girlfriend quoted in her explanation back then saying, "Yes, we had an ugly tiff which got out of hand. But things have been sorted out now and everything is normal between us. I have gone back to stay with him and it was a normal fight like any other couple would have. I don't discuss personal matters with anyone but on that day we had a small argument."

Eijaz Khan told Sidharth Shukla that he always holds back whenever he is around women after the incident in 2011. "I used to help all women and protect those who needed it. There was one such and later I was charged with rape because I promised I'd marry her but didn't. She made it into a rape case and I had to go to jail," he stated.