Beckingham Palace thieves!

June and Eric Emmett, former housekeepers at the Hertfordshire mansion owned by the Beckhams, have been accused of pilfering valuables from the residence and were taken into police custody on Monday.

The Emmetts were immediate to brand the allegatsions as "totally fabricated, 99% of it is totally untrue." June Emmett claims she is devastated by the charges, adding that she would never "harm" Victoria or David since the couple have always "taken care" of and supported them well in the past. "I love Victoria to bits and I would never do anything to harm her. Deep down, I think she must know that. I've known her and her family for years. She is a successful woman and I admire her. They have always taken care of us, " she said.

It has been reported that June, Eric and their son have put up several of David’s and Victoria’s personal belongings for sale on a popular internet auction website without prior consent of the Beckhams. Some of the items on sale are designer clothes, sportswear and a pair of David's football boots. While police investigate the issue, the accused couple and their son are out on bail.

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