Your favourite stars of Bigg Boss Tamil are back, this time in a newer ground. The second season of BB Jodigal (Bigg Boss contestants taking part as jodis in a dance-based reality show) has been officially announced and the announcement was made through a promo teaser. The teaser has gone viral among the fans and it has made them look forward to the show. The second season of BB Jodigal will comprise of the contestants who took part in the recently concluded fifth edition of Bigg Boss Tamil. Title winner Raju Jeyamohan and runner-up Priyanka would be hosting this fun show.

Thamarai Selvi, Iykki Berry, Abishek Raaja, Suruthi, and the widely popular pair, Pavani and Amir are the personalities who have been selected from the fifth season, while the show will also have the likes of Vel Murugan, Harathi, and others. The confirmed jodis that are announced in the promo include:

Pavani - Amir
Abishek Raaja - Suruthi
Isaivani - Vel Murugan
Iykki Berry - Dev
Suja Varunee - Shiva Kumar
Harathi - Ganesh
Thamarai Selvi - Parthasarathy
Daniel Annie Pope (pair yet to be revealed).

The second season of BB Jodigal will premiere on May 8, 2022, coming Sunday at 7.30 PM on Vijay TV and the Disney Hotstar platform. The promo has made the people look forward to the show and it looks like a fun treat awaits the fans. Raju emerged as one of the best entertainers in the history of Bigg Boss and he, becoming the host of the show, must be quite fun to watch. The first season of BB Jodigal featured 8 jodis and had Ramya Krishnan and Nakhul as the judges.

Anitha Sampath and Shariq were declared as the winners of the first season of BB Jodigal. After the completion of BB Jodigal: Season 2, the sixth edition of Bigg Boss Tamil will begin. Check out the promo teaser here: