Singer Sahdev Dirdo of the smash hit 'Bachpan ka Pyaar' song met with an accident and sustained injuries on his head on Tuesday. The 10-year-old was rushed to the hospital and regained consciousness on Wednesday morning. The health update was provided by Hindi rapper Badshah, who had been keeping fans informed on social media about Sahdev's condition. Taking to his Instagram Stories earlier today, Badshah wrote, "Sahdev is better now and has regained consciousness. Will go to Raipur to see a good neurosurgeon. Thank you for your prayers." Below is the Insta Story: 

On Tuesday, Badshah informed fans that Sahdev had suffered injuries to his head, with the police later releasing a statement that he was riding pillion on a bike that skidded on the road in Chhattisgarh. Requesting fans to pray, the Top Tucker singer said, "Sahdev Dirdo had an accident, injuries on his head, unconscious, on his way to the hospital which is a 100 kms away. In touch with his family and friends. I am there for him. Need your prayers." Sunil Sharma, Sukma Superintendent said that Sahdev was not wearing a helmet and injured his head after falling to the ground from the motorcycle at around 6:30 pm in Shabri Nagar at Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district. 

There have been several videos of Sahdev being rushed to the hospital and receiving treatment, with fans praying for his quick recovery. The news of the young singer regaining his consciousness will no doubt come as a big relief to his family as well as fans everywhere. Sahdev Dirdo garnered immense popularity and became a huge sensation after he appeared in a video singing the song 'Bachpan ka Pyaar', which went viral on social media. He was also featured in Badshah's version of the same song, which was released earlier this year in August.