Being the first time association of actor Ashok Selvan and director Sathyasiva for the film Savaale Samaali, it looks like the handsome hero is impressed with the director. Though Sathya Siva impressed the actor with his very first critically acclaimed directorial Kazhugoo, a humourous script from a serious director surprised the actor, who was longing to break his stereotypical image.

"I have watched Sathya Siva's Kazhugoo. The amount of effort that has gone into making that film is phenomenal. I knew that I would be able to learn a lot from someone like Sathya Siva. That was also one of the reasons why I chose to work on this film," said the actor. While talking about the film, the actor says, “It’s a complete family entertainer, being a comedy with a sensible plot. My earlier films were more for multiplex audiences whereas Sathya Siva will appeal to the B and C centres as well. A lot of people had told me that I had hardly smiled in my previous films! Sathya Siva now makes up for all that as I play my lighthearted self."

"I was not very sure how I would be received in a comedy film. The trust factor I share with Sathya Siva and Arun Pandian sir made me to do this film. I am very sure that setting up with a new genre will connect me to much more audience in various bounds," signed off the actor.

The young actor was very impressed with the film's producer Arun Pandian's attitude towards him. The veteran actor-producer-politician, despite being in the industry for more than 30 years treated the budding actor with respect, which made him sign up for the project even before listening to the script. Savaale Samaali starring Ashok Selvan and Bindu Madhavi in the lead, will hit the big screens this weekend, on September 4th.