Not for real for now, but only through his next movie! Arulnidhi is starring in director Karupalaniappan's upcoming movie Pugazhendhi Ennum Naan.

Karupalaniappan is known for his bold movies and we are pretty sure he has an interesting script in store for Arulnidhi. The fact that this one's story pivots on politics, makes one wonder how much is fact and how much fiction. Given Arulnidhi's political ties in real life, the movie has definitely created a buzz. There will definitely be a curiosity to see what will be the story of this movie and will it have commentaries on the current politcal scenario. The actor has been a part of some hit films in varying genres,let's hope that this one hits a home run as well.

Pugazhendhi Ennum Naan is produced by Axess Film Factory and The Fourth Wall. D Imman will be scoring the music for the movie.