Art Beat Capital: 3 new films announced

Art Beat Capital whose production debut, Ashta Chemma, was a major hit, is now back with plans to produce 3 more films in 2009. Ashta Chemma, directed by Mohana Krishna Indragranti, starred Swati, Nani, Srinivas Avesarala and Bhargavi, who was tragically murdered.

Ram Mohan, who started the production house Art Beat Capital, says it is like a venture investment company. He puts his money behind a director and works with him to get good returns on the investment, much like an investment banker in the financial sector.

Already, producer Ram Mohan has announced another project with Mohana Krishna Indraganti. Next, another film revolving around the ever-green subject of sports, to be directed by a newbie; the third project is still under discussion.

Ram Mohan plans to wrap up all the three films and release them in 2009. wishes this IIM-A graduate all the very best in his chosen field of Telugu films!