The Kannada film, KGF: Chapter 2, starring Yash and directed by Prashanth Neel released as a pan-Indian venture in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam languages, and has turned out to be a box office money-spinner. In that light, leading Kannada superstar Kiccha Sudeep recently made a statement regarding the film's success at an event that has since created a bit of a controversy. Sudeep had said, "You stated that a pan-Indian film was made in Kannada. However, I want to rectify and say that Hindi is no longer a national language. They (Bollywood) are doing pan-Indian ventures today and are trying to emulate success by dubbing in Tamil and Telugu. But, it's not turning out in their favor. Today, we are making films that are being seen by everyone." The Kannada star was addressing the success of films like RRR and KGF 2 that have received double thumbs-up feedback from Hindi-speaking audiences.

Sudeep's statements have since spurred the Hindi vs other languages debate among netizens, with National Award winner Ajay Devgn too responding to his views on Wednesday evening. Taking to Twitter, the Runway 34 actor tagged Sudeep and tweeted in Hindi, "My brother, if Hindi is not our national language, according to you, then why are you releasing your films in your mother tongue by dubbing them in Hindi? Hindi was, is and, will always be our mother tongue and our national language. Jan Gan Man." Soon after, Sudeep responded to Devgn's comments and tweeted, "Hello @ajaydevgn  sir.. the context to why i said tat line is entirely different to the way I guess it has reached you. Probably wil emphasis on why the statement was made when I see you in person. It wasn't to hurt,Provoke or to start any debate. Why would I sir 😁" He also informed, "I love and respect every language of our country sir. I would want this topic to rest,,, as I said the line in a totally different context.  Mch luv and wshs to you always. Hoping to seeing you soon. 🥳🥂🤜🏻🤛🏻"

Addressing Ajay Devgn's tweet in Hindi, Sudeep then wrote, "And sir @ajaydevgn  ,, I did understand the txt you sent in hindi. Tats only coz we all have respected,loved and learnt hindi.  No offense sir,,,but was wondering what'd the situation be if my response was typed in kannada.!! Don't we too belong to India sir. 🥂" The debate came to an end soon after when Ajay Devgn told the Kannada star, "Hi @KicchaSudeep , You are a friend. thanks for clearing up the misunderstanding.  I’ve always thought of the film industry as one.  We respect all languages and we expect everyone to respect our language as well. Perhaps, something was lost in translation 🙏" Acknowledging Devgn's clarification, Sudeep wrote, "Translation & interpretations are perspectives sir. Tats the reason not reacting wothout knowing the complete matter,,,matters.:) I don't blame you  @ajaydevgn  sir. Perhaps it would have been a happy moment if i had received a tweet from u for a creative reason. Luv&Regards❤️"