Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who was in Delhi to attend the second edition of Zindagi Live Awards, spoke about the state of women's safety in our country. The mother of an one-year-old girl, is angered about the very little action taken to rectify the situation, which is the most talked about currently. She feels strongly about the safety of women and feels that a lot more needs to be done, to make them feel secure.

She says,"I don't feel fear, rather there is a lot of anger and I don't hesitate to say this. Many of us are privileged to have a lot of assurance about our safety but most of the women in our country do not have that. A lot is being said but a lot more needs to be done about it. There should be definite laws for offenders. They should be punished immediately. That is when we will see the change in the society."

But the former beauty queen and actress is glad that Delhi gang rape incident has brought about a lot of attention and awareness.