Santhanam's next big film is the highly-anticipated Agent Kannayiram, which will see him playing the role of a detective, and is an official remake of the smash hit 2019 Telugu investigative comedy thriller, Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya. Written and directed by Manoj Beedha of Vanjagar Ulagam fame, the upcoming film produced under the Labyrinth Films banner and featuring music by chart-buster composer Yuvan Shankar Raja is set for a worldwide theatrical release on November 25. With less than two weeks for release, the makers on Friday, November 11, unveiled the much-awaited Agent Kannayiram trailer, which gives us an extended look at Santhanam as a private investigator. 

Santhanam's Agent Kannayiram trailer starts off introducing his character and we see him investigating a case, while also being ridiculed by those around him. The visuals then progress to introducing the other characters in the film among whom include Riya Suman, who is playing the female lead, while Pugazh, Munishkanth, Guru Somasundaram, Redin Kingsley, E Ramdas, Indhumathy, Madhan Dhakshinamoorthy, Aadhira, and others are cast in vital supporting roles. The Agent Kannayiram trailer doesn't reveal much, which is a good thing, and could prove to be the trump card for the makers, who will be aiming for the audience to be surprised with what they have in store for them. 

Santhanam has been experimenting of late by choosing interesting roles and Agent Kannayiram looks to be an intriguing attempt for the comedian-turned-actor who will be looking to hit the bullseye after his Gulu Gulu earlier this year didn't perform as well as he would have expected. Film aficionados and movie buffs, who have watched Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya, will hope Agent Kannayiram stays faithful to the Telugu original, while also going one step further in making it a standout. 

Watch Santhanam in action in the Agent Kannayiram trailer below: