Earlier this week, a new rom com film with Maya fame Aari and Big Boss fame Aishwarya Dutta was announced under Ayyanar fame Rajamithran’s direction with Annadurai fame Dilraj handling the cinematography and Mahesh scoring the music.

Aari and <a href=Aishwarya Dutta" src="https://d1ydle56j7f53e.cloudfront.net/assets/news_images/Master-2654.jpg" style="width: 600px; height: 454px;" />

With “Love vs Love” as the tagline, there has been no word regarding the film’s title with the team now coming up with an update in a rather interesting form. Aari along with Aishwarya Dutta took to share a fun Tik Tok video of their gang in the film dancing in loop while stating the title will be revealed soon in the days ahead.

Based on the antics of Aari and Aishwarya Dutta in the Tik Tok video, we can expect the film to be a complete fun entertainer.