Dhanush has been an industry favorite for a long time now due to the immense talent and versatility that he brings out as an actor. He has made a great impression on people not just in India but on people abroad as well which led to him making his Hollywood debut with The Gray Man. But the love he gets from his home turf of Tamil Nadu cannot be beaten. His films resonate so much with the audience that they come into theatres to catch his film more than once. Let us look at some such films of Dhanush that managed to lure in the audience more than once: 


This is his most recently released film and has been seeing audiences coming back on repeat wanting more out of this. The film touches on the relationship between family and friendships that people are able to relate to making it a sort of comfort film for the mass audience. This slice-of-life drama that depicted the friendship between a man and a woman beautifully was relatable for many and it also made people yearn for such relationships. 


Though being more of a serious film, Asuran also saw many people coming in wanting more. The film's representation of its brilliant aspect of performances, filmmaking, and portrayal of the core emotions of the characters struck a major chord among the audience and hence acted as the USP (unique selling point) that led this film to be one among the fan favorites resulting in its repeated viewing. 


The film enthralls its viewers with its plot which is a mixture of different plot points that are non-coherently pieced together to form one complete story. The way the story is told along with its flushed-out characters and thrilling ride to the end makes Vada Chennai a 'more-than-once' watch that saw many people coming back to check it out again. The film also had many easter eggs and exciting cinematic highs that made film buffs revisit the film many times. 


This fun and jolly mass masala movie does exactly what it set out to do - hype up Dhanush and his character and show him as the alpha male who does not take any distress from anyone but instead does whatever he wants to do. We explore his character as the film unravels and come to a feeling of empathy as we reach the end of it. The enjoyable comedies and fun-filled character of Maari, makes this Dhanush starrer a potential repeat watch. 

5) Pa Paandi:

The film is revisited by its viewers as it is a feel-good movie that focuses on relationships, romances, and the idea that it is never too late to do something. This ideology invites people back into theatres repeatedly as it inspires and urges them to also pursue something that they have been meaning to for a long time. Dhanush, the director constructed the sweet and breezy moments effortlessly and made everyone fall in love with the characters instantly. 


A highly relatable film that revolves around a simple premise has become a favourite go-to-watch film among fans and the general public. Watching Dhanush's character struggle in life and later rise up with his own merits and efforts (backed by a strong mother sentiment) helped instigate a sense of purpose and confidence among the people. The film also depicted the middle-class family moments (supplemented by great dialogues) with utmost conviction and that is what made people relate to the film, especially the youth.  


This film gets repeated views due to the mass commercial value that it has managed to create. It has also been highly relatable with the youths, thanks to the core - bike theft and the emotions associated with it. Director Vetri Maaran packs this film in such a way that it appeals well with its target audience, with a fine mix of action, comedy, romance, and sentiment. Notably, Polladhavan played a vital role in elevating the stardom of Dhanush. 


This fun family entertainer was made for audiences of all ages. The film had so many elements that could be enjoyed by all at any given moment. The humour is on point and so is the story. All the emotions that come with it make Yaaradi Nee Mohini a fun-filled rollercoaster that wants to be ridden over and over again by its viewers. Also, it is one of those films that had some heartwarming romance between its lead pair. 


The constant back-and-forth bickering between Dhanush's and Prakash Raj's characters is something that works on so many levels due to its smart humour and exaggerated portrayal. The film hit all the right notes and the immersive performances given by the aforementioned actors have led the audience to return to catch the movie over and over again as they could not just stop with a single viewing. 


This is easily considered to be one of the best gangster films of this generation which resulted in it being a cult classic. It was also fresh to see Dhanush make a giant leap from portraying the character of a typical boy next door to a much larger-than-life character that deals with various complicated life situations. The film is also a story of an underdog that dwells on the idea of survival of the fittest. The raging performance of Dhanush as Kokki Kumar is a delight to watch and it is one of the main reasons for people deciding to catch the film once more.