Dr. Vimala Rani Britto explains the challenges she and her husband Xavier Britto faced in starting St. Britto’s Academy: "If there's a thought process..." (EXCLUSIVE)

Dr. Vimala Rani Britto explains the challenges she and her husband Xavier Britto faced in starting St. Britto’s Academy:

Dr. Vimala Rani Britto has achieved great strides in the education industry and founded the esteemed St. Britto’s Academy along with her husband, Xavier Britto, a Tamil film producer. Having endured various struggles throughout the course of her career, she is at present serving in the role of Director of Kerry Indev India Pvt Ltd and is also the Chairman of VKAN-V Solutions, which offers world-class, interactive education to students around the world. Recently, Dr. Vimala Rani Britto, who is also the Managing Director of Esthell Hotels & Resorts, and Director at Esthell Homes, sat down for an interview with Galatta to talk about the challenges she and her husband had to face in starting St. Britto’s Academy and explained how they have achieved everything in life together. 

Speaking about how she and Xavier Britto made St. Britto's Group of Institutions stand out in the education industry over the past 25 years, Dr. Vimala Rani Britto said, "Every day is a challenge. When sir (Xavier Britto) first started a business and he went to collect his payment, he didn't get it. it took us nearly a year and a half to set up A business and swing into action. And, when we thought we would get a payment, they didn't acknowledge accordingly. So, the advice I received from everyone at the time was to take up a job in line with my educational qualification rather than struggling in business." 

Dr. Vimala Rani Britto further explained, "After we got married, he used to go teach at St. Antony's School and he'd get Rs. 700. He'd keep Rs. 200 for his own expenses and give me the remaining Rs. 500 for the family expenditure. Back then, when I was running a travel business, there was a vehicle called the Standard 1000, which was referred to as a mortuary van. I used to get asked by many people as to why I was using that vehicle. So, there's definitely going to be a lot of humiliations, rejections, and disappointments that one will have to face, and you'll need a lot of courage to face all this. If there's a thought process where the two people in the family think that they can work with sincerity and also put in an effort to achieve big, then it's definitely possible to do it." 

Watch Dr. Vimala Rani talk about her inspirational journey with St. Britto’s Academy in the video below: 

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