We had earlier reported that Vishal’s VFF company's manager Hari had filed a police complaint against a woman named Ramya, who worked as an accountant for Vishal Film Factory for the past six years. In his petition, Hari had claimed that the woman has swindled around Rs 45 lakhs from Vishal’s company for the past six years. In the complaint, it is claimed that Ramya had misused Vishal’s funds and transferred money to her account and accounts of her relatives. Manager Hari has also reportedly accused Ramya of buying a new house recently with that money. This action from Vishal Film Factory comes after Hari found discrepancies in the company’s expenditure. The complaint has been registered and the Police have begun their investigation process.  
Meanwhile, Ramya has now given her statement in regards to this case - “Vishal has issued a complaint against me stating that I have transferred money from the company’s account to my brother’s account and parent’s account. If Vishal had asked me in person about this issue, I would have cleared his problem. All Vishal’s individual expenses happen at spur of a moment, they are all very impromptu expenses. Vishal would call me in the night around 12 and ask me for funds. At that point, I might have to transfer the fund to a different account due to logistical reasons. Take for example his Electricity bill, Telephone bill, or any other personal expenses, we pay all these expenses through our personal account since the company doesn't have net banking facility. So, we transfer money to our account and make payment for his expenses, this practice was used by people who worked in my position before and I followed them. So, we spend money from our account and claim that amount after 1 week after getting his proper approval. Taking all these data, he has now filed a complaint against me saying I have looted money from him. This issue started on the 10th of June he could have filled a complaint last month itself, why did he have to wait for 20 days to register a case? This issue started on the 10th of June, I was under a lot of stress for 5 days and even wanted to die by suicide on the 15th of June. 
On the 20th of June, an advocate representing Vishal, Mr. Hari Krishnan accompanied by two men visited my house and search my house. They told me that I was hiding some important documents and a pen drive that belonged to Vishal. While they were searching, I got scared and gave them the document they asked for. Then, they asked me to visit VFF office on the 24th of June, they had 4 goons ready to scare and blackmail me. He showed me a few documents and asked me to sign on them. They had two men guarding my mother who was at my house. My dad who accompanied me to the office, told them he had to read the documents before letting me sign, they didn’t show what was written in the document. They forced me to sign and asked my dad to sign as a witness. I am still clueless about why they are doing this to me and what they need from me. I can frankly say that I have all the essential proof to prove that I am not guilty. I have all the important documents of Vishal which I will expose when needed. I will for sure prove that I am innocent. I personally feel that Vishal is wanting me killed and he would hire goons to do that. Vishal can do anything with his influence. All these days, I didn’t want to get into trouble because I am women. I have seen so many ‘Katta Panchayats’ taking place at VFF office. If someone goes against Vishal, Hari would bring that person to VFF office and torture him. Vishal in real life is not the hero who you see in films, he is actually a terrorizing villain. Vishal’s men even stole my car. I don’t think the issue here is because of money laundering, I feel Vishal is making me a scapegoat to escape from another big issue.