Vanjagar Ulagam directed by debutant Manoj Beedha starring Guru Somasundaram, John Vijay, Anisha Ambrose, Azhagam Perumal, Cibi and Chandini. The film is set to entertain the audience from tomorrow. 

Vanjagar Ulagam

When asked the lead actress Anisha Ambrose “You have worked on a lot of Telugu films and this is your first Tamil film, what’s your view on it?”

Anisha Ambrose

She replied “I’m very excited to be finally debuting in the Tamil industry. Tamil industry is well known for its performance oriented movies and I wanted to debut in a film which gives me the scope to perform. I’m very happy that I’m debuting in Vanjagar Ulagam because it’s different and will definitely grip the audience”

We even asked her “How Vanjagar Ulagam is special to you? How was the process and nature while working on your debut tamil film?

Anisha Ambrose

She replied “It was wonderful working with the whole team of Vanjagar Ulagam. They’re a bunch of talented people who want to make good cinema. Manoj as a director has a lot of clarity about what he wants from his actors. I think being a newcomer he will definitely prove himself as a class apart. The entire process has been very special to me and I’m eagerly waiting for the audience to enjoy our film.”

She was very excited and anticipated as we are for the release of the film. A latest sneak peak has been released and it was embedded below. So let’s wait for one more day, grab our popcorns and watch the art cult gangster movie Vanjagar Ulagam! › Language › News