As we all know actress Vanitha Vijayakumar got hitched to an aspiring filmmaker Peter Paul on the 27th of June in a simple house wedding ceremony in presence of her two daughters and some family friends. Soon after her wedding went official, Peter Paul’s first wife Elizabeth Helen had filed a police complaint wanting her husband back. Apparently, Peter Paul and Elizabeth have not filed for a divorce yet which makes his second marriage with Vanitha void. In Vanitha’s defence, she said that she is well aware of Peter Paul’s marital status and claims that the marriage has not been legally registered yet, thereby claims that she hasn’t broken any law. Vanitha born as the eldest daughter to Vijayakumar and his second wife Manjula has never been short of problems. Vanitha is someone who constantly makes the headlines for the issues she faces with her family and husbands. Vanitha Vijayakumar married Akash, a television actor in the tear 2000. The pair have two children, Vijay Sri Hari and Jovika. The couple officially filed for separation in 2006 and the divorce was finalised in June 2007. Vanitha Vijayakumar married her second husband, businessman Anand Jay Rajan, in 2007. The couple has a daughter named Jaynitha. In the year 2012, the couple decided to end their marriage and officially filed divorce. Following her separation with Anand Rajan in 2010, Vanitha dated choreographer Robert however they did not enter wedlock. Now after all these years, she married Peter Paul which is again giving her a lot of problems. Vanitha has now become a victim of social media bullying. She has been facing backlash for marrying Peter Paul who already has a wife. Vanitha has now issued a statement asking to stop cyber bullying. She has now used a hashtag #SucideIsNotSolution. We are not sure if she is battling such suicide thought due to cyberattack.

Here is her statement - “To all those who know nothing about what really happened and are finding so much joy in targeting me. You first have to realize it is also against the law and Inhuman to harass someone and put nasty hurtful and vulgar comments...#cyberbullying is not a joke can cost someone's life. if I took what you people are trying to do to me seriously I could harm myself out of depression and frustration. That would make you all murderers. think before you do this to anyone. It isn't right. if I have really committed a crime or done something wrong law isn't going to spare me. I believe god is watching. I am only answerable to him and my conscience. I am clear. you people know nothing close to the truth. Writing all this filth doesn't show who I am but definitely shows who you are.”