Vanitha Vijayakumar got married to Peter Paul last Saturday (on June 27) and the wedding has created quite a controversy on social media after Peter Paul’s first wife came into the picture. Elizabeth Helen, who happens to be Peter’s first wife, demanded justice for her and filed a police complaint against Vanitha and Peter for the marriage. She questioned Peter Paul on how he could marry someone else when he is yet to be legally separated as their divorce case is yet to be closed. However, Vanitha stated that she and Peter Paul are in no mood to accept any negativity into their new phase of life and added that Peter would approach this case legally with lawyers.

With so many controversies surrounding the wedding, Elizabeth Helen accused Peter of being an alcoholic who drinks for the majority of the time. She further went on to state that Peter was sent to rehabilitation centre to overcome the drinking addiction. According to her, he later met with an accident while trying to escape from the rehabilitation centre. However, Vanitha has a completely different perspective to this issue and she says that Peter Paul is a teetotaller who doesn’t drink.

Talking about this controversy in her latest video, Vanitha says, “She told the media that he is a drunkard. Actually, he is a complete teetotaller and he doesn't even eat Non-Vegetarian foods. Even the champagne that we opened and celebrated in our wedding, I only drank and he drank only a non-alcoholic drink. I am releasing that clip now for you all to see.” After saying this, we get to see a clipping, an unseen footage from Vanitha’s wedding and in this video, we see Peter Paul drinking a non-alcoholic drink. This video serves as a proof to support Vanitha’s point of view and we do not know what is going to be Elizabeth’s reply to this. The case is currently being investigated and more developments are expected to happen in the coming days.

For the uninformed, Peter Paul is a VFX Supervisor and Director who runs a post-production studio in Chennai. He will also be turning into a filmmaker very soon. Vanitha met Peter Paul during the end of last year when the latter approached her to play the antagonist in his debut directorial movie. The meeting transformed into a friendship and during the course of these months, they got close and understood the love for each other. For now, check out the video released by Vanitha Vijayakumar below: