After facing a lot of controversies for the past few weeks, Vanitha Vijayakumar recently got back to work and joined the sets of Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru (Vijay TV) at EVP Film City. Having said that, Vanitha posted a video this morning (July 30) from her make up room and today was the third day of shoot. In this video, Vanitha showed the process of getting ready for the program. She also addressed the negativity and hatred that is spread in enormous amounts on social media.

Talking about it, she said, “I need to address some of the rumours that’s going around. When someone is popular at a particular time, it is obvious for a lot of people to make use of it and promote themselves. If there are any rumours regarding me, don’t believe it. I myself am addressing every issue and sharing updates on my official YouTube channel, Instagram and Twitter profiles. I am a very strong person and I have come a long way. Anyone can blame me or misuse my name for their popularity, but I do not care about it.

They feel happiness while defaming and talking ill about me. That is fine. Jealousy is part of life. I am traveling towards my goal and I do not want any sort of negativity to stop me. If someone says that she/he is going to file a complaint against me, it doesn’t mean my life is over. It is nothing at all. It is just news making for the sake of publicity and it will never affect me. Yes, at times, I feel low and worry about it for a few minutes or hours, but then I will be back to normal. I have beautiful kids and a good family to take care of me.

New things are coming up and you will be updated about it soon. So, only my work commitments matter to me now and nothing else. Social media abuse and cyberbullying has been a very hot topic for the past few days and the situation is very bad out there. I’d say, people affected by Corona or Cancer or any disease aren’t dangerous, but these negative minded people on social media are. I do not know what motivates them to be negative and spread hatred around.

Everyone has a smart phone today. Just because you can access the Internet if you recharge for 10 Rs. a day, it doesn’t mean you can talk whatever crap you like to. Ungalukku lam asingamave illaya? (Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?). What have you done in your life other than talking about me? If you want to talk on social media, why don’t you talk about yourself and your family? If you want to spend some free time on social media, do it without harming anyone else.

If you write or talk about me, I don’t care, because I have a career to focus and people around to support me. Most of them in the state have got unreasonably high EB Bills, but no one would ask about it. If you can, go out and ask about it. Adha kekka thuppilla. (You don’t have the guts). When there are so many other serious problems around, why are you so concerned about my life? I don’t have anything else to say. I am trying my best to avoid all the negativity, but I lose it over a point in time.” Check out Vanitha’s video below: