Actress Vanitha got married to aspiring filmmaker Peter Paul in a simple house wedding ceremony last month on June 27th amidst corona lockdown. It was a low-key wedding ceremony with very few participants. Vanitha’s husband Peter Paul’s relationship issues with his first wife have been the trending news for the past few days. Peter Paul’s wife Elizabeth Helen and Vanitha have been giving contradictory statements regarding this issue. It is one of the recent controversies that have been all over the news. Is Vanitha’s wedding legal because Peter Paul hasn’t divorced his first wife Elizabeth Helen? This issue has created a huge rift between Vanitha and Peter Paul’s first wife. Film actors and social activists have also been helping Elizabeth to stand against Vanitha in this issue.

Now when these are happening on one side, Vanitha has moved on from the issue and is happy with her husband and kids. She has posted a video now celebrating the birthday of Peter Paul. In the video Vanitha says, - “Happy birthday to Paul, it’s a lockdown birthday party and since we have been eating nothing but home food for the past few months, we thought we will go out and eat dinner and celebrate for the day. So, we are actually picnicking in the car, yes birthday party in the car. You can see my daughters eating in the car, this is also an idea to celebrate your birthday picnicking in the car since you cannot sit in restaurants and eat during this lockdown period. So, yeah, we are celebrating Paul’s birthday in the car. Have a good weekend. See you, bye!”

Even before this issue, Vanitha Vijayakumar was been in the headlines quite often for her controversial statements. Last year, she made it big as one of the most popular contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil reality show. Her bold and opinionated statements on the show made her one of the most popular among the audiences. It is well known that Vanitha has an issue with her family members and they have not been on the best terms for quite some years now. Now check out the birthday celebration video of Peter Paul: