One of the biggest stars in Tamil cinema, ‘Thalapathy’ Vijay has been a part of films for nearly three decades and has been at the top of the league for several years now. Over the course of his illustrious career, Vijay has acted in films that carry a political narrative among which his last film, Sarkar, went on to become a massive commercial blockbuster, while also raising an awareness on the much-debated Section 49P Indian Election rule. Even his films such as Kaththi and Mersal featured heavy political inputs with fans and many political analysts since then predicting Vijay will be entering politics in the near future. Likewise, Naam Tamilar Katchi leader Seeman during a recent press meet had stated that since so many people are entering politics, Vijay too should foray into the political arena. He also expressed his views on the comparsion between Rajinikanth's political entry and Vijay's possible foraying into the world of politics in the future. 

Sarkar Thalapathy Vijay political entryNaam Tamilar Katchi Seeman Thalapathy Vijay political entrySarkar Thalapathy Vijay political entry

Seeman, in his statement said, “I want to ask everyone here as to how many films Rajinikanth will next be working in. Perhaps 4 or 5 films next. After Rajinikanth, who will be in the first position? It will be Vijay, right? The competition is only between them both now, isn’t it? Once Rajinikanth leaves acting, Vijay will only be there. So many people are entering politics. Let Vijay also come. Now, what is the problem in that? Do you want me to back Rajinikanth in politics? I have no relation with Rajinikanth. Vijay is like my brother. If he steps into politics, I will back him. If people vote for him instead of me, I will appreciate that. If they don’t support him and instead vote for me, I will be thankful,”.

Mersal Thalapathy Vijay political entrySarkar Thalapathy Vijay political entrySarkar Thalapathy Vijay political entry