The Jiiva starrer, Gorilla, a heist comedy film is billed to be one of the most interesting films coming out this year and was initially announced to hit screens this week on June 21. Also starring Shalini Pandey as the female lead and Yogi Babu, Sathish, Radha Ravi, Vivek Prasanna, ‘Motta’ Rajendran among others in supporting roles, Gorilla directed by Don Sandy with music by Sam CS has now undergone a change in its release plans and will be coming out in theatres on July 5.

Gorilla Jiiva Shalini Pandey

The interest for Gorilla shot up after the film’s trailer and a sneak peek released recently teased fans in plenty and included many laugh out loud moments giving hopes that it would be a rib-tickling affair in the theatres. The film’s plot revolves around a gorilla and a group of thieves among who are Jiiva, Sathish and Vivek Prasanna and then decide to formulate a heist after which things seem to go awry with romance and politics laced in between.

Jivva Gorilla Shalini Pandey

Produced by All In Pictures, Gorilla is quite a challenging project in terms of filmmaking as it involves working with a real gorilla, which the entire team has managed to pull off successfully considering the plot revolves around the animal and is one of the few things that hasn’t been done in recent times by many in the country.

Jiiva Shalini Pandey Gorilla