Thalapathy Vijay's Sachein is a special film for many people out there and it has a separate fanbase. Sachein showcased Vijay in a completely different dimension, as a light-hearted, lovable and a romantic person. The film was directed by John Mahendran, son of legendary director J Mahendran and after Sachein, John has been actively involved as a dialogue writer and screenplay writer for many films. In this season of sequels, the fans have been regularly requesting John Mahendran to do the sequel of Sachein.

Having said that, in a recent live interaction, the talented writer and director shared some interesting updates for the first time. He said that the story for a new film (starring Vijay) is ready, adding that it will have the vibes of Sachein. He said, “I’d like to recollect what my father used to say about Rajini sir. He repeatedly tells that Rajinikanth is a fantastic performer and our Tamil cinema has extracted only 20-30% of that. That applies to Vijay as well, if you ask me. I’ve always felt that vibe in Vijay as well. He is now a big star with a mass fan following and does blockbuster commercial films, but the performer inside him needs to be explored much more.

That is what I did in Sachein and it worked well. There were a few emotional scenes - like the young girl death, break up sequence, etc, and those were Vijay’s favourite portions. We wanted to approach the entire film in a light-hearted way without any melodrama and Vijay was game for it.

Okay, so a well-known young director recently approached me and told me that we could work on a script, something on the lines of Sachein. He wanted it to be like Sachein 2 with those vibes and similar characterisation. We have almost finalized the script and we will be pitching it to Vijay sir very soon. It will definitely happen and I hope it materializes as we wish. I do not know if I’ll direct or he will direct, but as a project, it will sound exciting for everyone. It has the potential to become Sachein 2, but it’s too early to mention names associated in this project”. 

Wow! This sounds interesting, right? Who is that young director who is planning to direct this script with Vijay? This new update from director John Mahendran has gone viral among the fans who are already excitedly waiting for this project to materialize. It would indeed be a refreshing change to see Vijay in a light-hearted fun role after a long time.