Looks like director Ram Gopal Varma has no plans to stop irking Rajinikanth fans. In a series of tweets, he had once again criticised Superstar Rajinikanth which resulted in an outburst.

"@KicchaSudeep I just saw kotigobba 2 and I honestly think u shud change ur name from Kiccha Sudeepa to Rajni Sudeepa," he wrote and added, "@KicchaSudeep Saw Kotigobba..compared to ur performance in Kotigobba 2 Vishnuvardhan looks amateur n if his fans disagree they also amateur."

To this, Sudeep politely replied, "@RGVzoomin thanks fr th appreciation sir....but I'm nowhere close nor a comparison to th two legends,,Vishnusir & RajiniSir."

But it looks like RGV has no plans to give up, he added, "@KicchaSudeep But Rajni can do just only one type whereas u proved ur better versatality from Autograph to Eega to Kotigobba 2 to many more." "@KicchaSudeep U can anyday do a Robot in ur sleep but Rajnikant can't do a Eega even in his dream..Respect."