The Kerala Police had earlier registered a case against activist Rehana Fathima after she posted a video on social media in which her children were seen painting on her half-naked body. Thiruvalla Police in Kerala had registered a case against activist Rehana Fathima on the basis of a complaint filed by Advocate AV Arun Prakash. She said the video was made to highlight how women need to be open about sex and their bodies in a society where topics like sex and nudity are taboo. She added that these lessons should begin from one's own home. "The feminine body and its nakedness are more than 55 kg of flesh, compared to the male body. A male may be aroused by a woman wearing leggings, while the man standing with his knees bent over his chest and his legs half-naked, forces men and women to approach the body in another manner. It is the fake sexual consciousness of society. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is porn in the eyes of the beholder." she wrote on the social media platform. The case was registered under Section 67 (electronically transmitting sexually explicit content) of IT Act, and Section 75 (punishment for cruelty to child) of Juvenile Justice Act, based on a complaint by Arun Prakash. Multiple FIRs have been registered at the Thiruvalla and Ernakulam Town South police stations against her with relevant charges under the IT Act and the Juvenile Justice Act. Rehana had then approached the court for anticipatory bail which was later rejected by the court. Rehna’s lawyer has now filed a response in the court opposing court decision to reject her bail plea. 
Rehana’s counsel advocate Renjith B Marar on behalf of his client has put the following as his counter-arguments - “There is no indecency or obscenity involved in the video. Much less, there is no indecent or obscene representation of the children. Rehana’s breasts are covered with body paint and that it does not arouse any sexually explicit feeling in the minds of prudent men. The body painting of males is also much accepted when it comes to PuliKali festivals in Thrissur. Also, when Theyyam and such other rituals are performed at the temple, body painting is conducted on the body of the male artists. One cannot assume obscenity or indecent in the same. The only harassment the children are facing is the seizure of the laptop and the study materials by the police and the fact that the children cannot attend the online classes whenever their father is away due to the lack of other materials.”