Sensational filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is constantly trying to find ways to get publicity by sensationalizing things through sarcastic tweets or by doing a satirical movie. Now he has his own platform to create and sell his movies. He has a website where people can pay and watch his controversial movies. As reported earlier, he has directed a movie based on the political career of Telugu Superstar Pawan Kalyan. Ram Gopal Varma has now released the official trailer of this film which got leaked online - “Since the trailer is already leaked out, we have no choice but to release the hires version officially on YouTube which will be done in around an hour ..I repeat that all people who paid for the trailer will be returned their money ASAP.” The full film will be released on his website on the 25th of July. 
RGV has been continuing to do what he does best even during this lockdown phase making controversial and trendsetting films and releasing them. If there has been one filmmaker who has been undeterred by the current Corona pandemic that has left the world rattled, it is director Ram Gopal Varma. Blessed with a never-say-die attitude, Ram Gopal Varma found a way to beat the hurdles posed by the pandemic to filmmakers in releasing their films. His recently released film, Climax, which was the first to release on Shreyas ET, the ATT (Any Time Theatre) platform that has been launched by the Shreyas Group, South India's No. 1 Movie Events and Promotions, set the cash registers ringing. The ATT platform, which was expecting only 50,000 views, saw a whopping 2,75,000 logins and 1,68,596 paid views within the first 12 hours of the movie's release. The final count read 2,89,565 paid views overall. Following the super success of Climax, director Ram Gopal Varma then release his next film titled Naked Nanga Nagnam on June 27 on the very same platform. Now he is planning to release Powerstar movie on the 25th of July. Now watch the trailer of the film: